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Tern researcher at the Shoals Marine Lab

Marinecareers.net will introduce you to a wide range of marine career fields and to people working in those fields. In addition, it will give those men and women a chance to tell you what they like and dislike about their careers, what they see for the future in their fields, and much more.

  • Caitlin Zant
    Underwater Archaeologist
    As a maritime archaeologist, it is not only my job to record and study wrecks, but also to help spread that research to others.
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  • Jonathan Bird
    Underwater Cinematographer
    I travel the world filming episodes for my underwater science/adventure series Jonathan Bird's Blue World which airs on public television.
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  • Catie Nigrelli
    Environmental Social Scientist
    If you want to help conserve our natural resources, you have to understand people.
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  • Jen Flower
    Chief Clinical Veterinarian
    I provide high-quality medical care to our aquarium animals, assist in field work operations around the world and participate in research.
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  • Anu Frank-Lawale
    Aquaculture Geneticist
    Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of global food supply and there are very few people working to manage genetic resources globally.
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