At you have the opportunity to learn about careers in the marine sciences from people who work in the field. As you read through the profiles, it's easy to identify some common themes and advice. They include: volunteer, take plenty of math and science courses, and don't give up!

We have compiled an ever-growing list of additional resources to help you in your search for volunteer opportunities, internship and fellowship programs, additional career advice, and sources of additional career information. In some cases, we have made links to sites that offer numerous links. In other cases, the link is made to a very specific site. There are many wonderful resources related to careers and, specifically, marine or environmental careers, that are worth checking out. Our goal is to give you the tools to make informed choices about education and a possible career in the marine sciences.

> Colleges, universities and other degree-granting institutions with marine science or related jobs
> General job search information and how-to information
> Internships/fellowships/volunteer programs and opportunities
> Other web sites with useful career information
> Career-related publications, videos, pamphlets (emphasis on marine careers)
If you know of useful resources that fit into one of these categories and we don't have them listed, please tell us about them. We'll check them out. If they meet our criteria, we'll add them to our site. And, if you find a link that isn't working or has a new URL, please let us know.

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